TOMOS company LLC 3rd anniversary party

As I posted on NEWS, November 11th is TOMOS company's 3rd anniversary event.

[TOMOS company] and [TERAS company]
I think some people may find it difficult to understand the difference between these two, so I will explain a little.
Three years ago, TOMOS company B-type office started.
Last year, TERAS company A type office started.
The operating body for these two is [TOMOS company LLC] .

Every year, we plan an anniversary event as a place to report on the year's activities.
However, it is not a formal party, and it is a party where you can have fun interacting with all the members and the people who support you on a daily basis.
Delicious food and drinks at Fudan cafe, live performances by artists from around the world,

And TOMOS and TERAS exhibition sales.
Furthermore, we will hold a talk show to report on our activities.
I'm currently busy creating this material.
Looking back on the past year while creating materials, I realize that although the year went by in the blink of an eye, it was a very fulfilling year, and I was able to climb the ladder step by step with the support of many people.

This is the culmination of both TERAS and TOMOS, which have increased in number of members and become more powerful.

Please come and experience it for yourself!
Everyone is welcome! !