Japanese Tools: Beautiful things, familiar things LIVING MOTIF

We will be participating in an exhibition planned by Hino Akiko, who travels all over Japan as a "one-person wholesaler," connecting makers and sellers and interacting with many creators.
We have prepared new items for this event. We will be introducing for the first time simple yet sophisticated coasters, potholders, and placemats.
Thank you very much.
This year's theme is "scenery," and we have gathered many tools with expressive appearances. Made from carefully selected materials and finished with careful craftsmanship, these items add a new view to our lives. And the flavor that comes from using them with care will fit perfectly into your daily life, even more so than a view you see for the first time. Please come and see these special views, which are one of a kind.
Period: October 6th (Friday) to November 7th (Tuesday)
Venue: Living Motif, Roppongi, 1st floor
*We will be closed on Tuesday, October 31st for inventory.


Participating artists and brands
Appi Lacquerware Studio / Ikeda Harumi / Ichihishi Metals / Ichikeisha / Ougon Kiln / Ogasawara Foundry / Glass Studio Craft You / Kitayama Eita / KITAWORKS / Kyoto Paulownia Box Crafts / Kurashiki Design Planning Office / Koizumi Glass Works / kochia / Toyama Studio / Kotoge Kimiko / conte / Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten / Shimizu Seisakusho / Shimomoto Ippo / Sugita Akihiko / studio SHIMONE / SOK ERICA SUZUKI CERAMICS / Takada Kozo Shoten / Takano Bamboo Works / Takahashi Kogei / Bamboo Studio Sochikuan / Takeda Akiko / TERAS / Tobeigama / Nakayama Mokko / Nanohana / Hayakawa Katsutoshi / Kagi Kazuma / Matsuoka Yoji / Yamaichi / Yamanaka Amiko / Yamamoto Tadamasa / Yonezawa Kengo / Wadasuke Seisakusho