“Into indigo – Touching indigo at hotel Kanra Kyoto

An exhibition related to indigo dyeing will start in Kyoto from July 14th!

From the various products of TERAS, we will carefully select and display only those made with indigo-dyed fabrics.
There are also items that will be released in conjunction with this exhibition. More details later.

This will be a joint exhibition of all 10 brands, and I think you will be able to experience indigo from various angles.

Thank you very much.


[Event / “Into indigo – Touching indigo supported by DIALOGUE”]

Until about 100 years ago, it was called "Japan Blue".
``Indigo'' is abundant in our daily life.
At that time, indigo was used not only as a dye for clothes, but also as a dye for clothes.
Also used as paints, medicine, and drinks.
It was also used as a glaze for pottery.

This time, there will be an exhibition where you can learn about indigo from the beginning,
We have collected a large amount of ``indigo'', including carefully dyed clothes, accessories, and amenities that take advantage of the benefits of indigo.
Furthermore, we are also preparing a collaboration project that allows you to deeply experience indigo.
At the cafe, mocktails using indigo,
Japanese sweets inspired by indigo flowers are available only on weekends.
In collaboration with sister hotel Anteroom Kyoto,
Cocktails using indigo are available at the bar.
At Kanra Spa, in the "indigo room",
You can experience a special plan using indigo powder.
We are also planning to hold a workshop on dyeing cloth with fresh indigo leaves.

Learn the deep charm of indigo by actually touching it.
While immersing yourself in a space filled with indigo,
Enjoy crafts and the cool summer breeze.
To ensure that history and technology remain uninterrupted,
I would like to express my gratitude to the people who made this.

Until around 100 years ago,
known as “Japan blue”, has been around
in the daily lives of Japanese people.
Indigo has had many uses, some of these
include: medicines, paints, drinks,
dyes for clothes and even glaze for pottery.

In this exhibition, you can see the entire process,
from indigo plants to dyes.
We have collected a wide variety of goods
such as indigo dyed clothes and accessories,
shampoo, treatment and hair oil, all utilizing
the efficacy of indigo.
Indulge in our special indigo drink and
collaborated Japanese confectionary (weekends only)
is available at our lounge.
In anteroom kyoto (our groupe hotel), you can enjoy
their original indigo cocktail.
You can experience a special treatment using indigo skin oil
surrounded at our spa where the beautiful indigo room is located.
We will also hold the workshop for dyeing with fresh indigo leaves.

We hope you get to know the charm and delight of
Japanese indigo and cool off with them.

<Event / Into indigo – Touching the indigo supported by DIALOGUE>
■Event period Period
July 14th (Friday) - August 27th (Sunday), 2023
14th July, 2023(Fri) – 27th August(Sun)

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