[TERAS × POJ Studio] Sashiko Pillow Covers Launch

POJ Studio, which selects high-quality Japanese crafts from a unique perspective and ships to over 160 countries around the world from its online shop, has launched the Sashiko Pillow Cover.

POJ Studio's mission is to "build a global community that seeks high-quality crafts, and contribute to the next generation of artisans so that traditional Japanese techniques can be passed down and thriving in the future." Rather than just serving as an e-commerce site, the company values ​​being a medium that clearly conveys the stories of its creators.


Currently, there are three types of designs available.



We also plan to offer seasonal colors in the future.

And POJ Studio has opened its first store in a new lifestyle complex that focuses on crafts.
Adjacent accommodation facility "Maana Kiyomizu" It is also used by.